How to relax in leisure time?

Patrick posted on August 07, 2017 at 08:28

I will have some annoyance, it is about my study and some pressure from life. When I face the annoyance, I will be very upset and need to let it out. I have my own ways to relax, then I will be full of energy and be happy again.

The important way for me to relax is to watch movie with my friends. I like to see movie very much, when I see the movie, I will be immerged myself in the movie world. It looks like I am part of the story and I witness all the things happens. It is such amazing for me and I love this feeling, so I will forget about all the annoyance.

The other way for me to relax is to listen to the music. Music makes me feel easy, every time when I listen to the music, I will wear the microphone and sing with the song. Sometimes I will imagine myself in the video and dance. It sounds crazy but I feel cool.

My ways to relax help me get out of the unhappiness, I think it works for most people.

Both of them pretend to be relaxed, and they are actually calculating the countermeasures.
That year's flower blossoms, the full moon, the 31st episode

Shen Xing moved to discuss with his father, sold the home cloth at a low price, and then turned it into a cloth. This way, we have to lose 60,000 yuan of silver. This figure makes Shen Sihai quite painful. He had to go to Du Mingli to discuss whether he could ban foreign goods from circulating in the market, so as to preserve the interests of Wu.

Zhou Ying, Xiao Jiang and Xiao Wu have proposed to sell the cloth, but she feels that this method will not work. It is negotiating that the shopkeepers of the West and the Intermediate People’s Court are quarreling because of the payment, and Zhou Ying’s scornful meaning is also between the words.

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